A Very Special Birthday Session - Carson is O N E!

September 23, 2021

This sweet blog will forever hold a special place in my heart.  Little Carson is my second Grandbaby and she has managed to wrap every family member around her finger in a short time.  This year brought our family great heart break losing my dad just a few weeks before Carson turned one. My Dad treasured his family and his little ones, oh how he loved them!  Carson would light up every time his red truck pulled into the driveway on his weekly visits.   Many years ago, we started a new family tradition to incorporate my Dad's little table and chair set that he received when he turned one into each great-grandchild's first year photos.  At the time,  we thought it was a sweet way to have a piece of family history in our current photographs.  Now, this little set is one of the most precious items that we have.  It is the perfect way to have a small piece of my Dad with the little's he loved so much!   I hope you enjoy seeing some sweet images of Carson with my Dad's table.  Each one brings a smile to my heart.  Happy Birthday sweet Carson.  You are most loved!

My dad on is 1st Birthday.  Beside him is River and Griffin, two of Daddy's great-grandchildren posing with his table!